Pool Controls Electric panel with VFD

VFD Control Panel. Voltage 3 x 400V 50Hz. Selector MAN-0-AUTO. 2 clocks for filtration and speed control. Selector by-pass VFD.

VFD Control Panel Specifications Cabinet:

  • Metal wall-case
  • Master switch
  • Thermomagnetic panel and contactor
  • 4 poles disconnector
  • VFD protections
  • Forced ventilation equipment with thermostat, protection grill and filters integrated in the panel.
  • Cable entry and exit with cable glands



  • VFD CONTROL PANEL for synchronous and asynchronous motors
  • Door mounted display panel
  • Vnom: Operating speed at nominal speed, usually 50Hz
  • Vmin: Minimum operating speed, at low revolutions.
  • Programmable in the drive to ensure minimal filtering.


  •  Indicators of operation and alarms in door by means of luminous lights
  • Alarm light VFD: red
  • Pump working light: green

Filtration time control:

  •  Clock 1 in which we must indicate the working hours of the pump. This control selects the operating hours of the pool filter.

Speed control:

  • Clock 2 acts for speed control at low revolutions at peak times. We must indicate the peak hours of the cost of energy. For energy saving this control will activate the signal drive to work at low revolutions during peak hours, saving the corresponding economic costs. Bypass selector for direct


  • Models up to 12 A have a 2-position selector or bypass, which allows the VFD to be disabled and the pump to be operated directly by direct start.
  • 2 positions selector: Start via VFD / DOL