Ornamental Water Features Adjustable Deck Jets

The deck fountain that can be adjusted at the nozzle while running. Simply set the water flow at the pump as per requirement and fine tune with the adjustable nozzle which is built into the deck fountain. Designed and engineered with perfection for easy installation and stress free use in residential and commercial pools. Multiple plumbing options for easier installation. This water feature has an eyeball nozzle hidden from view by a decorative cap. 3-5 GPM creates a stream up to 10 feet high.




  • Includes body, movable adjustable & four decorative caps (white, black, gray, tan)
  • Individually packaged
  • 4” hole size
  • Cap size is 2.5” diameter
  • ¾” Water line (adjustable)
  • To regulate, first control the flow with a ball valve, then fine tune at the nozzle