Climatic Water/Water Heat Pump Water Source Heat Pump

Atecpool Climatic Water Source Heat Pump

The Atecpool Climatic Water Source Heat Pump, also known as a Water-to-Water Heat Pump, is a sophisticated heating and cooling system that operates through the transfer of heat using a circulating fluid, such as water or vapor, within a closed network of pipes. The Atecpool Climatic ATWSHP Series, tailored for heating purposes, incorporates a specialized high-temperature scroll compressor in combination with heat exchangers meticulously engineered for water heating. This unique configuration ensures unparalleled efficiency and performance, setting new benchmarks in the realm of heating solutions.

Suitable for

  • Pharmacy Industry
  • Gas boilers replacement
  • Dairy Requirement Sterilization
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Desalination Plants








Climatic Series Highlights

  • IEER > High COP: High heat transfer efficiency enables it to have high energy saving performance.
  • Various Applications: Compatible with existing water chillers for hot water & cooling Compatible with existing cooling tower for factory process cooling & hot water
  • Higher ROI: Low cost water heating and free air cooling, flexible installation and combination solution equals to high ROI in the long run.
  • More Reliable: Durable and reliable; the unit can run stably all year around without being affected by ambient temperature.
  • Compact Design & Flexible installation: The multi-connected heat exchanger design makes it compact, thus able to adjust to various installation locations.

Climatic Series Specifications

  • Compact water-to-water heat pump for indoor or outdoor installation.
  • With suction gas cooled scroll compressor.
  • With extensive tube-in-shell Heat Exchanger as tube evaporator and coaxial condenser.
  • Refrigerant cycle with thermostatic expansion valve, filter, gas-liquid separator, high and low pressure switches.
  • With efficient automatic defrosting by hot gas principle.
  • Electric and terminal box, with control and disturbance signaling.
  • Heating regulator for mounting to walls.
  • Refrigerant as R134A.


Water Connections

  • Water connections to be done on site.
  • Heating and condensation connections of flexible pipes with external thread.

Condensation Connections

  • The water connections and the drain pipelines must be protected against frost on sites in freezing climates.
  • It’s always recommended and necessary to insulate the water pipes from W2W to water bodies when there is a long distance between them, to maintaining the heat.