Covrex Classic Slats – Super resistant protection

Protect your family and your swimming pool.

Covrex pool covers have undergone an extensive series of tests including: Thermal coefficient of expansion testing; Elasticity (rip/tear) testing; and UV testing using xenon gas and other substances. For optimal strength and durability, we use a co-extrusion process of 3 different PVCs in the manufacturing of our pool cover slats.



Covrex Pool Cover Specifications

  • Best insulating pool cover with a U-value of only 0.12.
  • High durability of the insulating slats.
  • High resistance: Patented foam-filled resists: hail, frost and difference of temperatures.
  • Drive system made of SS316L
  • Easy to clean, no algae growth or dirt build-up
  • Security cover system
  • Covers can be fashioned to adopt any free form swimming pool shapes