LED Bubblers

LED Bubblers is an impressive water feature which shoots beautiful streams of water into the air in a striking display of LED colours. An excellent water feature for beach entries, ponds, fountains and many more possibilities. This bubbler can be installed in concrete, liner & fiberglass pools.


  • Very Bright & Efficient LED Light
  • Uses 8W (4” Bubbler) & 20W (8” Bubbler) for high output LED performance
  • Flush finish installation
  • Totally serviceable from the top
  • The LED light is 10 – 30 cm below water level
  • Non-metallic design: no bonding, no grounding










  • ¾” or ½” Adjustable Eyeball
  • 10 – 40 GPM
  • 12V AC
  1. Beam-Focusing Lens
    Our unique beam-focusing lens design focuses the light directly on the bubbler “flume,” concentrating every photon for maximum LED light transfer and eye popping brightness.
  2. Smart Sync™ Technology
    Smart Sync programming to synchronize with lighting and controls from major pool OEMs.
  3. IP68 Waterproof Quick Disconnect
    Use the waterproof quick-disconnect cord to remove the light module for service or winterization without pulling up to 150 feet of cord.
  4. Minimalist, flush installation
    The 4”/8” LED Bubbler installs flush with the pool floor in a gunite pool with the housing completely hidden from view for a clean installed appearance.
  5. Directional Nozzle
    Take control over flume direction, even on inclined beach entries. Every kit also includes nozzle reducers for perfect flow adjustment.
  6. Gunite, Fiberglass & Vinyl Installation
    Vinyl / Fiberglass kits are available in five different colors to match and complement any pool finish. Attaches using heavy duty brass inserts in the Bubbler body for a secure and durable installation.