Pool Lining PVC Liners

Atecpool Special PVC Liners have a soft and flexible PVC membrane of 1.5 mm reinforced with a polyester mesh, free of heavy metals and according to standard UNE 13956. It is manufactured exclusively from top quality virgin resins with guaranteed watertightness and an excellent finish, making it a top quality solution for all kinds of swimming pools.
PVC Liners are the best solution to guarantee perfect waterproofing and an excellent finish, thus allowing the rapid building of the swimming pool and lasting satisfaction.



Atecpool Special PVC Liners have high resistance to UV radiation and exhibit excellent behaviour with respect to chlorine and ageing. Atecpool PVC Liners have 10 years warranty.

Atecpool Special PVC Liners comes in a complete range of colours, designs and finishes, including anti-slip material, liquid PVC, colaminated sheet, etc.

Easy to apply
Thanks to their adaptability, Atecpool Special PVC Liners can be used on any support: cement, timber, metal, etc.

Packaging and storage
Supplied in rolls on cardboard tubing. Store in the original packaging in a dry and cool place in vertical position.