Atecpool Ocea Laminated Filter

Ocea Laminated Filter Specifications Atecpool innovative design and advanced technology offers superior filtration performance and crystal clear water. Body in laminated Fiberglass and reinforced polyester making the filter totally anti-corrosive.


  • Maximum working temperature : 40°C
  • Fiberglass reinforced polyester base
  • Injected interior parts in ABS and PVC
  • Collector system using laterals 0.3mm slot



  • Closed top lid in two options
    – Transparent Glass Lid with nuts and gaskets
    – Injected ABS with nuts and gaskets
  • Equipped with 2” sand/water drain
  •  All gaskets in silicon
  •  Maximum working pressure: 2.5 kg/cm2.
  •  Supplied with MPV