Atecpool Water Proof Linear Lighting Fixture – ATLS-13

With the combination of IP68 LED neon strips and robust aluminum housing, the ATLS series is an inspirational linear lighting fixture designed for extreme exterior environmental conditions. Unlike common linear fixtures, this series is completely waterproof and flexible in length combination with seemless joints, the maximum linear length can reach to up 2 meters. It is available in mono color, tunable white, RGB, RGBW, and even pixel chasing in SPI and DMX. With its advanced structure design, the installation is much easier than common outdoor lighting fixtures. ATLS series can be widely used for garden, landscape, stairs, wall grazing, orientation lighting, window reveal and underground..



Key applications

  • Public spaces
  • Wall grazing
  • Wall decoration
  • Additional lighting
  • Garden lighting
  • Landscape lighting

Key Features

  • Continuous 10 meters
  • Easy Installation
  • Mono / RGB(W) Optional
  • DMX Optional
  • IP68