Spectra-Slim LED Lighting ABS High Power Slim LED

Super bright Ultra Slim LED panel underwater lights for swimming pools and spa. Made of ABS with resin filled bulbs which are 100% acid-proof, alkali-proof and UV resistant. Low power consumption, high stability, IP68 waterproof. Models available in RGB, Cool White, Warm White and Blue colour. Supplied with 3 m 2 Core 2×1.0 mm2 cable for all models. RGB lights get synchronized using Atecpool LED modulators / remote control with colour sequence arranged in 16 programs. ABS frame is compatible to any size niches using the installation adaptor kit supplied along with the lights.



Concrete, Liner and Pre-fabricated pools – Easy installation

Atecpool Spectra-Slim LED panel ABS lighting can be used for concrete, liner and pre- fabricated pools. Thanks to the installation adaptor kit supplied along with the lights it is possible to install in concrete, liner or pre-fabricated pools.

Atecpool Spectra-Slim LED Panel Bulb
Constant current driving, resin filled LED have consistent color and brightness, High stability and long life span.




Spectra-Slim LED Panel Bulb – Specification

RGB Bulb RGB 16 modes

  • 16 programs with synchronization capability
  • Power output in 3 models: 18W / 30W / 55W

Single Color Bulb Temperature 6500K / 2700K / Single Blue

  • Power output in 3 models: 21W / 33W / 60W
  • Standard input voltage: 12V AC / DC