Pool Controls SmartSaver Frequency Inverter

Convert any pump to a variable speed pump

SmartSaver for smart savings

Frequency inverter is a device that converts the alternating current of one frequency to another frequency, the result of this conversion leads to a motor speed change in pool pump application. You can choose between 35 different speeds between 1200 ~ 2900 rpm with an increment of 50 rpm to meet different applications that do not need the full speed and power from the pump, like heating, filtration and circulation. SmartSaver can be set to adapt for different operations, reducing running costs. Equipped with 4 timers for 24-hour operation.




SmartSaver Added Benefits

Timer program 4: timers for 24-hour operation, each with an individual speed for different pool features, filtration or heating, better to take advantage of electrictiy tariffs at different time of day. Better filtration: small particles can be removed easier when the water moves more slowly. Longer lifespan: Lower running speed means a reduction in wear, particularly in mechanical seals.