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Atecpool Inobike

The fixed dual resistance system (blades + pedals) make the Inobike the ideal bike for cardio exercises.




  • 100% marine stainless steel (AISI 316L)
  • Brushed steel with corrosion protection treatment
  • Non-modifiable resistance thanks to the AquaSpeed 2 pedal design
  • Flexible, anatomical design, comfortable to sit on and easy to maintain
  • Stainless steel ball bearings and sealing rings
  • Ergonomic design with non-scratch handles
  • Height and depth adjustments for handlebars and saddle in front of and behind overlaps
  • Stainless steel ball bearings on white non-scratch wheels, easy movement
  • White non-scratch stability pads
  • Adapted to all coatings (liner, PVC, tiles, casing, polyester, etc.)
  • Suitable for thermal water, seawater and chlorinated water
  • Innovative click & turn system for a vertical position, prevents injury
  • Min. dimensions: L 55cm x W 96cm x H 120cm
  • Max. dimensions: L 55cm x W 120cm x H 164cm
  • Depth 1.10m to 1.60m