Deck Jet

Circular / Square Deck Jets

Flush mounted Deck Jet Nozzle in two shapes, Circular and Square. Nozzle assembly with 360 deg illuminating LED includes different spray effect upon selection of nozzle ( Column or Angle Ring ). LED-Nozzle assembly suitable for dry deck fountain where there is no visible water body but sprayed from nozzles and drained through grate cover surrounding the nozzle assembly.



Deck Jet Specifications

  • Shape : Circular or Square suspended Deck Jets
  • Construction : AISI 316 Stainless Steel
  • Central Interchangeable Flush Nozzle : Column Nozzle / Angle Ring Nozzle
  • LED Light Type : Three Types
    Type 1 : AYP36WW/CW (3000K/ 6000K)
    Type 2 : AYP36RGB (RGB 3 in 1)
    Type 3 : DMX182RGB (RGB 4 in 1)
  • Drain : Pre-attached to nozzle assembly.
  • Fixing : Designed for mount and anchored on paver.
  • LED light cable : 3m STW 18AWG