Fountain Ring LED – AYP Series

Atecpool Fountain Ring LED Lights – AYP Series

Atecpool AYP HP Series is the ultimate lighting solution for all animated fountains. The ring lights spot a G 1.5” threaded connection at its centre where a nozzle can be directly attached. With a 10mm thick tempered glass cover and a IK rating of 9, the underwater ring light is perfect fixture for dry deck fountains. AYP High Power Series lights can be programmed to dim, colourchange and synchronize to create infinite combinations of kaleidoscopic displays.




  • Housing: Stainless Steel AISI 316 grade.
  • Gasket: silicone gasket
  • Light Window: step tempered glassT=10mm.
  • Cable gland: IP-68 PG-11 copper with nickel-coated.
  • IK rate: 09
  • PCB: excellent heat conductivity aluminum, coefficient of heat conductivity > 2.0w/mk
  • Application environment: Water temp. between -20Cº ~ 50Cº less than 1 meter depth
  • Power cable: 3m STW 18AWG