pH / ORP Microprocessor in-built Digital Dosing Pump

pH/ORP Liquid Level Controlled Digital Dosing Pump


  • Digital screen, precise dosing with micro controller technology, time adjustment, liquid level control and user password parameters
  • Only Digital Dosing Pump without pH or RX electrodes/holders.
  • ORP (REDOX) or pH measurement with standard combination electrodes
  • Totally digital and automatic calibration by using buffer solutions
  • Start-up Delay function, adjustable timer for correct reading measurements according to chemical reaction time (0-60 min.)
  • 4-20mA analog input


  • Volumetric proportional control when connected to flowmeters (water meter, flowmeter, etc.)(Volumetric control cable is not included product package)
  • BNC input (optional liquid level or flow contact)
  • Easy and flexible installation and usage by the vertical mount design
  • High resistance to corrosive chemicals with the PVDF Pump
  • Head and entire IP65 body Electronic circuit controlled electromagnet and long lasting Teflon(PTFE) diaphragm
  • Suction, injection parts and liquid level sensor accessories included