Salt Water Electrolysis AT-Series Salt Chlorinator

Atecpool domestic salt chlorinators are the best disinfection solution for small, medium and large pools or spas. These saline chlorinators ensure total water disinfection and an optimal chlorine supply for each installation. Choose the model of domestic saline chlorinator that best suits the characteristics of your pool. All our household salt chlorinators have been designed with high quality materials. They have the latest technology, such as a self-cleaning cell and programmable configuration, to reduce its maintenance and increase its efficiency




  • New sealed power supply of high performance.
  • Elimination of forced air ventilation: high resistance to corrosive atmospheres, notable decreases faults. IP65 rate.
  • New easy user interface with Backlit LDC display.
  • New wall mounting with independent stainless steel bracket.
  • Detachable lead plug that allows faster and easier technical service installation.
  • Self-cleaning cell.
  • Cell connection without nuts, using thermo rubber waterproof connector.