Dantherm Dehumidification

CDP Pool Dehumidification – Efficient dehumidification for aggressive environments

Fully automatic operations

The compact units operate entirely on autopilot, equipped with electronic controls, an integrated adjustable hygrostat, and a visual display showcasing operational modes. Meanwhile, the larger units come with electronic controls and are primed for external hygrostat connectivity. An electronic module offers a clear visual representation of operational modes, while the control panel enables seamless toggling between “air heating” and “continuous fan run” through intuitive push buttons. Moreover, the control panel’s adaptability, allowing relocation to accommodate the plant room’s configuration, adds to the flexibility.




Integral to the design is a fan that draws humid air into the dehumidifier, propelling it through a filter. Inside, the air traverses an evaporator, where moisture condenses on a chilled surface, forming water droplets. These droplets then journey into the drip tray and onward to the drain. Subsequently, the cooled air proceeds through a condenser, capturing not only the heat equivalence of prior cooling but also the electrical input’s heat equivalence. As a result, the air exits the unit drier and notably warmer by several degrees. This iterative cycle of air circulation within the unit significantly diminishes relative humidity, achieving swift yet gentle drying.

For swimming pool facilities with extensive window coverage, an effective strategy involves channeling dehumidified and heated supply air through concealed pipes beneath the floor, directing it beneath the windows. This approach effectively curbs window condensation concerns.

Applications CDP and CDP (T)

  • Swimming pools
  • Spas
  • Shower rooms
  • Gymnasiums
  • Larger private pools
  • Hotel pools and spas

Technical data CDP(T) 40/50/70/75/125/165

Choosing the appropriate unit for a swimming pool hall hinges on the surface area. The accompanying graph offers approximate recommendations, serving as a general guideline. Nonetheless, the selection of the ideal dehumidifier for swimming pool halls necessitates a thorough evaluation of numerous variables: air and water temperatures, frequency of use, and the potential utilization of a floating cover. It is strongly recommended to seek professional guidance from your supplier, as the selection process demands the expertise of qualified personnel to secure an optimal solution.

















Flexible installation of the CDP
The CDP units are highly flexible regarding installation. They are designed for installation in plant rooms, with ducted supply and return air grills, but can also be installed directly in the room that needs dehumidification. A range of options are available for the CDP to meet individual requirements, including heating coils, outdoor air connection, wall-mount kit and floor mount kit. The CDP is also available with a water-cooled condenser allowing the excess heat to be used for pool or domestic hot water. The fresh air discharge can be from the top or from the side opposite to the air inlet. Both evaporator and condenser coils are epoxy-coated for higher corrosion resistance.

Features and benefits

  • High quality product manufactured to exact standards
  • Low energy consumption and impressive functionality
  • Silent operation
  • Pleasant design
  • Easy to operate and control
  • Designed to suit any plant room configuration
  • Epoxy-coated coils