Thermalec Heater

The Thermalec pool and spa heater range

Built using titanium elements, to the same exact standards traditionally associated with Thermalec® heaters, the THR TITANIUM range fulfils all the required electrical safety standards.

Size range from 3kW to 168kW

  • Unique spiral flow allows efficient heat removal from the elements, minimising the scale and sediment build up.
  • Unique design ensures cooler water from the filter pump does not strike the elements directly (giving longer life).
  • Air generated from the pump passes harmlessly around the sides of the baffles and across the top of the heater elements (The heat pumps heat both air and water).
  • The control thermostat is positioned to sense the temperature of incoming water and controls the pool to within 1°C.
  • The safety thermostat senses the water temperature leaving the heater.
  • Thermalec® heaters can be used in conjunction with other heating systems to provide year round heating solutions for your pool or spa.
  • Each heater is designed with its own simple self diagnostic system.
  • Heating elements are always submerged.



  • Thermalec® pool and Spa heaters are CE marked and comply with:
  • EU Council Directive 89/336/EEC & 93/068/EEC on Electromagnetic compatibility
  • EU Council Machinery Directive 98/37/EEC
  • EU Council Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EEC & 72/23EEC
  • Harmonised Standards: EN55014, EN55104, EN5501, EN5502, CEI801-2, CEI801-3 and EN60335-2-35

Control and indication

  • Water temperature cut-out: Factory set to trip at water outlet temperature of 52°C. Manual reset on front panel
  • Thermostats: Pressurised liquid filled capillary type
  • Pool temperature control: Analogue dial, calibrated 15°C to 45°C and graduated at 1°C intervals.
  • Mains indicator lamps: Red (mains power is on), Amber (filter pump interlock power present).
  • Status indicator lamps: Red (heater’s ON/OFF switch ON), White (safety thermostat trip armed), Amber (pump interlock relay OK), Green (heating elements powered)

Materials of Construction

  • Heater vessel: Fusion epoxy coated cast iron
  • Element holding plate: uPVC
  • Gasket: Silicone rubber
  • Water connections: uPVC socket
  • Heater elements: Titanium sheath
  • Electrical enclosure: Powder coated steel

Operating data

  • Water inlet/outlet: Socket for 50mm or 2” NB pipe
  • Water temperature: 52°C heater outlet
  • Operating pressure: 0 bar max.
  • Ambient temperature: 40°C max.
  • Pool temperature control range: 15°C to 45°C
  • Thermostat operating difference: 5 C°