Atecpool Reg-X Filter

The next generation of filtering systems

Atecpool Reg-X Filter Regenerative Media Filter

The Reg-X Regenerative Media Filter uses patented technology to uniquely provide 1 micron filtration performance, compared to the 30-40 micron particles removed in traditional sand filters. Reg-X Regenerative Media Filter is unique filtration technique based on a patented technology. Saving more water, chemicals, energy, and space compared to traditional sand and glass filters.

Reg-X Regenerative Media Filter traps particles on the surface of its flexible tubes, coated with micronized perlite media, during the filtration cycle. When the perlite becomes loaded, Reg-X triggers self-cleaning mechanism, a completely automated process avoiding complicated cleaning and maintenance operation, unlike similar regenerative filters in the industry. Reg-X stands for filtration performance to 1 Micron to provide the best water clarity and energy, water and space savings.

Reg-X manufactured by REGFILTER, made in Spain, is unique in delivering the best water quality, filtering particles down to 1 Micron. 96% water savings during backwash and thanks to the autimatised self-cleaning mechanism, avoids all manual cleaning and maintenance for Reg-X filters.








Atecpool Reg-X Filter Specifications

  • Built in Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP). PN2.5.
  • Hoses made with AISI316 stainless steel core covered with high tenacity polymer fiber. EPDM gaskets.
  • Patented automatic self-cleaning and rinse system.
  • Patented automatic active perlite regeneration system without vibrations or impacts.
  • Automatic perlite coating system.
  • Control panel with SIEMENS S7 PLC, display and control screen (HMI SIEMENS 7”), instrumentation and sensors.
  • Supply of high performance blower pump for regeneration system, and a vacuum machine for perlite loading.
  • Polyethylene strainers for self-cleaning and regeneration systems.
  • 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects.









Atecpool Reg-X Filter Regenerative Media Filter


Control Panel for Reg-X Filter
Regenerative Media Filter

The entire Reg-X filtration system is automated, in such a way
that the maintenance operator only has to press a button for
the regenerative filtration system to start working, or to fully
automatically empty and clean the filter once the micronized
perlite is exhausted.
Regenerations are performed automatically based on elapsed
time or system pressure.
A color code indicates the health status of the perlite, allowing
better planning of maintenance work.


The 7-inch touch screen is an industrial HMI with simple and intuitive menus, where you can make basic operating changes or access statistics. On the main screen you can see in real time the operation of all the pumps and valves in the system, pressures , flows, etc.
In addition, the remote monitoring system allows access to filter information from any device with an internet connection.