Atecpool Bobinados Commercial Plus Bobbin Wound Filters

Atecpool Commercial Plus Filter

Filter diameters ranges from 1050 – 2200 mm. Developed to meet the most demanding installations for:

  • Olympic pools, semi-olympic pools, aquatic parks and water treatment.
  • Maximum working pressure: 2.5 kg/cm2. Filters with 4 kg/cm2 working pressure can be made on request.
  • Extensive construction with polyester and glass fiber winding
  • High resistance and high quality of water filtration.
  • Spiral cover system supports the operations of opening and closing.
  • Filters supplied with flange connection from 3” to 8” for connection to a battery of 4/5 butterfly valves.
  • For ozone applications, filters can be lined with vinyl-ester on demand.
  • Standard internal distribution system: collector arms
  • The distance between the upper part of the sand layer and the diffuser head is increased to ensure greater distribution of water in the filtration phase and avoid sand spill into the laterals during backwashing.
  • Valve manifold frontal piping or butterfly valve assembly to be ordered separately.