Atecpool Besgo Automatic Backwash

Atecpool Automatic Backwash
Atecpool Besgo backwash valves of U-PVC are pneumatic and can be operated with water or air
pressure. Solenoid valve included with emergency manual override. Sizes DN40 / D50 to DN100 / D110.

  • Outstanding reliability: The automatic backwash valve opens by means of water pressure and closes under pressure from a spring. In the eventuality of electrical failure the Atecpool Besgo valve returns automatically to the “Filter” position. Unintentional draining of the pool is not possible.
  • Switching over from “Filter” to “Backwash” does not require the filter pump to be stopped.
  • Low pressure drop: This results in a high velocity backwash which is particularly important for an almost pressure-free backwash.



  • Material Inner parts: stainless steel V4A Seals: Viton / Teflon
  • Actuation Closing when not under pressure spring-activated
  • Actuating pressure 3 to 5 bar mains water or compressed air
  • Operating pressure Max. 3.5 bar
  • Solenoid valve The solenoid valve serves to control the hydraulic drive system and can be connected to any customary control system. Closed when electric power off. Electrical connection: 230V/50 Hz.