Atecpool Multiport Valves Six-way valves


  • Filter: Normal filtration and vacuuming
  • Backwash: Cleans filter by reversing water flow
  •  Rinse: Used after backwash to flush dirt from valve and pipes
  •  Waste: Filter by-pass option to discharge dirt from vacuuming to waste or to lower water level
  • Recirculate: Filter by-pass option to circulate water back to pool directly
  • Close: Stops all flow to filter or pool


  • Housing, cover and handle are made of ABS, gasket in EPDM and metallic components in S.S. and distributor in PPE.
  • Multiport valves (MPV) are available in 2 different configurations.
  • Top and Side Multiport valves.
  • Top Multiport valve has two connections. 1½” and 2”.
  • Side Multiport valve has three connections. 1½” and 2”.
  • The design offers a wide range of possibilities to any installation, assuring perfect water-tightness and comfortable handling.
  • With an innovative design, ease of handling and maximum reliability, these multiport valves are a basic element in achieving the perfect condition of your pool