LED Modulator Control Panel with remote control

Suitable for synchronizing RGB colour changing LED lights. Atecpool LED Modulator available in 2 core and 4 core cable connections. Atecpool 2 core LED Modulator R2007 used with Radiant PAR56, Spectra, Spectra High Power, Lumina and Lumina Mini colour changing RGB LED lights.




  • 4 types of 2 core 12VAC RGB Controls:
    – With transformer inbuilt
    – Without transformer
    – With fixed color remote
    – With antenna (for long distance pump room)
  •  Fixed color remote allows to chose precise color without following preset modes with direct switching.
  • Antenna allows to keep controls in closed plant room at maximum distance upto 30 meters from pool. Remote control access made easy with only antenna exposed near pool.
  • Maximum lights power ( Watts ) connected to 2 core LED Modulator with external transformer limited to 1500W.
  • The entire Radiant, Spectra, Lumina and Lumina Mini range lighting can be controlled by a single remote control.
  • Panel available with and without transformer. Those without transformer should be connected to a step-down transformer of 12V AC.






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