Counter Current Nozzle

Atecpool Jet stream Nozzle in Stainless steel construction, highly competitive in hydraulic performance. The Jet swim pump is activated via a piezoelectric switch. Wall mounted assembly with semi-circular handle, the regulator forces the impact of the water jet into 40mm nozzle.

Installation of the ATECPOOL Jet Stream Nozzle is hassle free with inlet outlet connections on the rear end. The center of the Jet stream housing must be 175 mm below the water surface. The stainless steel front plate is installed after the casting.

Available in three versions. Single Jet Stream 40mm, Double Jet Stream 40 mmx2 and Double Jet Stream Nozzle 40mmx2 RGB back light for relaxing chromotherapy. Double Jet Stream nozzle 40 mm x 2. Recommended Pump 4 KW with capacity of 70 m3/hr.