Atecpool FDN-1500-H Centrifugal pump

Atecpool FDN-1500 – H is a pool pump, specially designed for public pools, competition pools and spas. It is designed for use in large pools. All parts in contact with water are treated by long lasting cataphoresis. This treatment prevents the formation of troublesome oxides on cast iron pumps as the paint chemically combines with all iron molecules located on the surface of the workpiece. The cataphoresis significantly prolongs the life of cast iron and is one of the best anti-corrosive and anti-rust treatments existing on the market nowadays. Manufactured fully in bronze on request for use with seawater.



Atecpool FDN-1500-H Specifications

  • High efficiency motor class IE3 according to regulation ECn˚ 640/2009
  • Waterproof: IP55
  •  Flow rate: up to 300 m3/h
  •  Voltage: 230/400V or 400/690V
  •  Motor: 50Hz / 1450 rpm
  •  Available also at 60Hz
  •  Available in bronze for operation with salt chlorinators and sea water.






















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