Atecpool LED Strip IP68 Wave Compak

Atecpool LED Linear Lighting Wave Compak, 12 x 13.5 mm is a high quality, flexible LED strip, with a 13.5mm illuminated side. Current regulator via integrated circuit. Generated heat is dissipated due to thermally conductive coating. Fully waterproof IP68 end connection for strip LED by molded Injection connector with a unique co-extrusion technology. Lead-free, RoHS compliant.


  • Wave Compak size 13.5 x 13.5mm
  • LED and components are double protected, to avoid unit failure.
  • Adopts first class Eco-friendly UV resistant PVC material.
  • Easy to be installed, can be cut and reconnected (Connection accessories available)
  • Protection rating IP68 (All joints are hermetically sealed to achieve IP68)


Wave Compak LED Neon Strip – ATL05 3000K
Photometrics Data:

Color Parameters – ATL05 3000K
Chromaticity Coordinate: x=0.4430 y=0.4060 / u’ =0.2537 v’ =0.5231
CCT= 2916K (Duv= 0.0000) Dominant WL: Ld = 583.2nm Purity =54.9%
Ratio: R= 23.8% G=73.7% B=2.5% Peak WL: Lp= 610.0nm FWHM=133.4nm
Render Index: Ra=85.2

Photo Parameters
Flux = 494,1 lm Eff: 48,02 lm/w Fe = 1,542W

Electrical Parameters
V= 23.998 V I = 4288A P = 10.29W PF= 1.000