Z20-12 Jumping Jet

Z20-12 Jumping Jet Specifications

  • Effect: laminar water
  • Function: cut off
  • Orifice: 12mm
  • Vertical pivoting range: 0~30°
  • Max. pressure: 0.5bar
  • Max. flow rate: 50l/min
  • Max. water depth: 180mm
  • Rated voltage of stepper motor: 24V DC
  • Current of stepper motor: 2.1A
  • Rated voltage of LED light: 24V DC
  • Rated power of LED light: 3W
  • Light type: LED RGB / white light
  • Power cable for LED light: 3m STW 18AWG
  • Power cable for stepper motor: 3m STW 18AWG
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Weight: 20kg