NOPHOS – No Phosphate Biological Solution Against Algae – for fish ponds

NoPhos removes phosphates that enter the pool from water supply, bathers and from debris blown into the pool. Phosphate is a fertilizer and if completely removed, algae and bacteria slowly starve and are eliminated over a period of about six weeks. NoPhos is a natural product that can be safely used in public and private swimming pools, as well as in natural pools, ponds and aquarium. NoPhos is a charged ion which reacts with phosphate to form an insoluble precipitate that is removed by AFM®, or it forms an inert deposit on the floor of the pool that is easily removed.



NOPHOS Specifications

  • Eliminates phosphates – Prevents algae and bacteria growth
  • Is a natural product – NoPhos can be used in swimming pools and fish ponds
  • Makes crystal clear water.