Pool Tester Test blocks

Pool Tester & Mini-tester
All Pool tester and Mini-Tester reagents are entirely developed and produced in Germany and blistered in push- through aluminium blisters providing long shelf life of 5 to 10 years as well as easy handling. Our reagents were the first reagent tablets manufacturer introducing the tablet push-through-blister and got awarded for it some years ago.



Pool Tester Specifications

  • Classic way of how to reliably test your pool and spa water.
  • All our pool testers have a white background. By that, reading the result is easy and won‘t be disturbed by background colors.
  • Chambers behind the color charts can be filled with water as well, to automatically adjust the scale colors, in case the water to be tested is pre-colored.
  • Pool testers work with German made, rapid dissolving reagents.